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Security School: Effective Analyze SIEM Data


Security information and event management (SIEM) is frequently pushed by vendors of security products. Often, however, SIEM does not live up to its promise of simplifying or even improving security.

Achieving the promise of SIEM is a matter of understanding the technology, and this webcast series will help you do so. Watch these interesting presentations from a leading security expert to learn about:

  • The evolution of SIEM products
  • Best practices for using SIEM to your utmost advantage
  • The top 5 lies about SIEM
  • And more 

Access it now to make SIEM work for you. 


Mike Rothman President, Securosis

Mike Rothman is president of Securosis, an independent information security research and consulting firm. Having spent over 15 years as an end-user advocate for global enterprises and mid-sized businesses, Rothman’s role is to educate and stimulate thought-provoking discussion on how information security contributes to core business imperatives. 

04 Aug 2015
10 May 2013
Virtual Environment
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Michael Breyer
Michael Breyer
Michael Breyer verfügt über mehr als 15 Jahre Erfahrung als Geschäftsführer, Gründer und Top Level Management Positionen. Der passionierte IT Spezialist war zuletzt CEO Softgarden e-recruiting GmbH, Co-Founder und CEO Deutsche Messe Interactive GmbH, CEO Kienzle AG. Zurzeit ist Michael Breyer der CEO der BTN Media.

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